Jul 20th 2019

Join Chicago artist Jelena Todorich for this 1/2 day workshop creating a wonderful keepsake of your favorite furry! Click on the ticket link for more information, details, and to reserve your seat.

Please bring a photo of the pet you would like to paint either printed, or on an iPad.

Some things to consider when choosing a picture:

-Use a photo taken with natural lighting (no flash)

-Have the pet photo eye level, where the pet is looking in to the camera at the same level not from above

-Make sure your lighting is showing the true colors of fur and eyes

– Make sure that the photo shows the light in the animals eyes (clear image, with reflections)

-Pro tip: Get your pet in the car, and take a photo with natural light streaming in the windows, where they are also as tall as you.

If you have any questions about choosing the right photos, Jelena is happy to walk you through.


Saturday July 20th 1-5pm

The Collage Cafe – 1129 Florence Ave – Evanston IL 60202 –

If you need directions, I recommend using Google Maps or WAZE; Apple maps takes you to the wrong place.

Workshop Fee $99 (and inspiration photo you wish to use) includes all materials, supplies, guidance and light snacks.

About Jelena:

I was very lucky to find my passion for Art at a young age. I studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, which was an amazing experience. The most important lesson I learned was that you will get out of your Art what you put into it. Hard work, determination, and daily practice are essential components for growth as an artist.

I spend my days as an Elementary Art teacher. My curiosities have led me to try most forms of Art, and I always come back to painting. There is something so pure about dipping your brush into creamy colors that is so alluring to me.

I have spent a lot of time using oils, yet I am working in acrylics and dabbling in watercolor these days. My two passions are florals and animals. I have combined these with my current series of Mamas and Babies. Color, composition, and mark making are all very much on my mind these days as I am learning how to transfer my knowledge in to Adobe Illustrator recently. My goal for this is to see my work printed on fabric in the near future.

I try to paint every day. The daily practice has been the most important piece of my development as an artist. I record my paintings with numbers and they are catalogued on my portfolio blog. I am not sure where this artistic journey will take me, but you can be sure I am enjoying the ride.

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