Jul 12th 2019

Matter of Emotion

@ Oliva Gallery

3816 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Opening Friday, July 12th, from 5PM - 10PM

On view through Saturday, July 27th

Richard Stromberg’s Chicago Photography Classes presents MATTER of EMOTION, their first group exhibition of 2019 featuring photographs by Chicago emerging artists. For this exhibition the artists were invited to reflect on the theme “Emotion”, in all its different interpretations. As photographers, the artists expressed their concept of “Emotion” through the camera lens, photographic and post-processing techniques.

Since the beginning of time, nature had provided us with a full spectrum of feelings, leaving humans astonished and breathless when witnessing its power. For Chris Laughery, nature’s magnificence can be found in its duality. Conveyed through the juxtaposition of the roughness of rocky landscapes and the softness of a group of flowers, nature evokes a sense of whole and complete. Similarly, Inga Simitz’s work explores the texture of nature and its reflections in the water. The resulting color palettes inspires her feelings of beauty, joy, and balance. Parallel to nature, life itself leads us to the most sincere and complex emotions. Barbara Bolsen’s pictures give a glimpse of what happens behind a window when people are not looking. Her subjects are deeply absorbed in their thoughts, or they are engaged in their quiet, inner life, even when totally in contrast with the environment they are in. Those candid and genuine moments are also close to the work of Jenina Nunez. Nunez like Laughery explores duality, this time in human beings. From the feelings of a mother who would love to spend more time with her children but has to keep working, to the duality itself in being boys and girls, men and women, in the turbulent and powerful series of events called ‘life’. Astonishment and amazement are leading instead Joshua Rafsky’s work. The pictures simulate our vision in front of daring architectures or narrow passages, giving a sense of searching and wonder. When exploring the environment around us, it happens sometimes to feel overwhelmed and lose our inner balance. We then seek silence and the comfort of our loved ones. Angela Fernandez examines the emotions coming from the human body. Nudity in her work is not the purpose but the medium to communicate what faces sometimes hide. The back, the tense muscles guide us to uncover uncertainty, love and strength.

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