Jul 28th 2019

Fundraising Party for the National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour – $15 Donation Requested

The National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour needs our support to propel this project forward. They are now in Chicago and have plans to go to New York City and other cities across the country to organize forces for an ACTUAL revolution. They have expenses for travel, lodging, printing, legal costs and more. They have shown bravery and fortitude. They are proving that we can transform the people and expand our forces. They bring inspiration and hope, based on science, for a better world. The tour must be “scaled up” so that they can reach more people and expand this work.

Come together with people from all different walks of life, for a celebration with music, art, food and culture; that reflect the values of a “future people” and a vision of a better world, and raises the funds to make that world REAL!

Millions of people hate the depraved cruelty and danger that confronts the world. But, they have not know there is a way out of the madness. The Get Organized for An ACTUAL Revolution Tour is bringing that way: Putting the New Communism developed by Bob Avakian, a blueprint for human emancipation, on the map across the country and beyond and to organize thousands into this movement for revolution over the course of the next year. We do not want generations of people to have to continue this fight.

This fundraiser is part of a Weekend of Revolution in Chicago. Saturday July 27th is the Commemoration and Call to Revolution on 31st Street Beach: 100 years after Red Summer, with an open white supremacist in the White House, ALL people must say NEVER AGAIN and NO MORE! We need a whole new world and a revolution to get there. The National Revolution Tour is organizing for an actual revolution to overthrow this system. Now is the time to get with it.

4 ways you can help make this fundraiser a success:

– Come to the fundraiser. Buy a ticket & send in testimony of why you are supporting this fundraiser. Sell tickets at work, school, to friends and family and on social media. Tickets can be purchased here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/future-people-fundraising-party-fundraiser-for-national-revolution-tour-tickets-66329500321

– Help make the program a success – donate time, energy and ideas to making this program a success and raising the necessary funds. Help solve the urgent problems confronting the revolution.

– If you are an artist, musician or poet; or know of anyone, submit your work to perform. We ask works be submitted within the guidelines of the 6 Points of Attention of the Revolution. Read here https://revcom.us/a/591/points-of-attention-en.html Submit work to Revclub.chi@gmail.com

– Make in-kind donations such as food/drink or items to be raffled. Or help solicit these donations.

To volunteer email Revclub.chi@gmail.com

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