Jun 14th 2019

Wanbli Gamache: The Approach


1345 W 19th St, Chicago, IL 60608

Opening Friday, June 14th, from 6:30PM - 8:30PM

On view through Monday, June 24th

“the approach”

Wanbli Gamache, Clare Gatto, Juan Molina Hernández and Holly Veselka
Curated by Stephanie Koch

May 31st – June 23rd, 2019
1345 W 19th St
Chicago IL, 60608

Please join us for Wanbli Gamache’s activations of the approaches adopted and shared by Clare Gatto, Juan Molina Hernández, and Holly Veselka. This will be the second performance that continues from the first.**

the second performance will begin at 7pm on Friday, June 14th and last for 30 mins.

A Final performance will occur June 24th during the desintall of “The approach.”


Exhibition statement:

“1. Nearly…”

Similar to a narrative arc, we like to believe that our life builds reliably and, as its author, we determine how it settles into resolution. But as we move through public and intimate spheres, the solid foundation we seek is found to be continuously shifting and unfolding in unpredictable ways. Moments of misrecognition, instability, and isolation are more frequent than we would hope and they occur in spaces and with people that should provide anything but.

We experience these fragilities of living simultaneously to holding hopes for satisfaction, upward mobility, and reliable connection. To be solid, stable, and near. As we try to find root and better traction in the world, we wish to be closer to a place, an ideal, or a person, because “the nearness to this thing will help you (or a world) to become different in just the right way.”

But just as we approach the thing, it slips. It moves away, transforms, or disappears completely. How do we deal?

Featuring recent and in-progress works by Wanbli Gamache, Clare Gatto, Juan Molina Hernández, and Holly Veselka, “The approach” offers three conceptual sections:

1. Nearly…
2. On dealing
3. Speech and action, a proposal.

These sections create a framework to consider how approaches developed within an artistic practice can inform and maintain everyday living. Centered around the works of Molina Hernández, Gatto, and Veselka, “The approach” features Gamache in residence at ACRE’s Pilsen project space.

As she develops her works in the studio, Gamache employs the strategies of the exhibiting artists and embodies their processes during moments of public performance in the gallery. Throughout the run of the exhibition, we question and explore: How can we creatively confront difficult emotional and pragmatic problems and learn how to deal with the uncertainty that results?

-Stephanie Koch

*Please note that this exhibition and related programming may contain sexually explicit content.
**This performance will occur within the ACRE gallery for the exhibition of “The approach”. Please be respectful and mindful of works-in-progress when in the space.

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