Jun 1st 2019

How did the 1919 Chicago race riots and the resulting reinforcement of segregation influence the trajectory of Chicago’s education system? How does the de facto segregation in today’s Chicago public schools compare to segregated education in 1919 Chicago? How does segregation in schools affect other aspects of Chicago today?

Elizabeth Todd-Breland and Jen Johnson will explore these questions in the next installment of our year-long, city-wide conversation series “Chicago 1919: Confronting the Race Riots.”

Elizabeth Todd-Breland is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Illinois at Chicago and author of “A Political Education: Black Politics and Education Reform in Chicago Since the 1960s.”

Jen Johnson is Chief of Staff at Chicago Teacher’s Union and former CPS teacher.

This event is part of “Chicago 1919,” a city-wide event series confronting the legacy of the 1919 race riots and their impact on housing, education, policing, and other forms of private and public life in Chicago today.

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