Jun 3rd 2019

Mocrep, a Chicago-based performance collective focused on interdisciplinary and collaborative art making, releases their first album on Parlour Tapes+ at Sleeping Village on June 3rd.

The collective’s members are each accomplished musicians, who have worked with artists across a wide spectrum of musical styles and traditions — SZA, OHMME, Eighth Blackbird, Whitney, Chance the Rapper, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, to name a few. Drawing on their experiences both as performance artists and musicians, Mocrep has collaboratively written, recorded, mixed and produced a record-length collage of genres: disco, country, indie rock, spoken word, classical. It rides the fine line between tongue-in-cheek and dead serious as the group navigates their virtuosic skill and their love of whole-hearted dilettantism.

Thematically, the album addresses a wide variety of social relationships – love, self-love, friendship, intimacy, heartbreak, and most of all: the platonic love that ties the 11 person collective together.

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