May 28th 2019

Featuring Cream co., Focus Group LLC, Corey Smith, Nick Meryhew, Sonal Aggarwal

This chapter is a ritual that proposes alternatives to everyday capitalist commerce. Barter, gifts, sharing, networks, value, markets, drink tickets. Bring a list of any kind (to-do, grocery, favorite things etc.) or upload it to

About We Series Festival:
We each have an affect on the rooms we enter. With our presence we bring our personal experience and hidden motivations. We encounter others who bring the same. And in this ecology we can develop a common purpose that amplifies, refracts, upsets, or transcends the notions we brought in with us. Just by being together we are making meaning, with and for each other.

We Series is a festival presenting live art that blurs the boundary between performance and reality. Every Tuesday in May, the We Series offers rituals, participatory performance, and immersion in artist-led experiences. We series is curated by Lia Kohl and Deidre Huckabay.

Because your presence at the We Series affects us all, we ask some things of you:
Arrive knowing your presence is part of the event. You may be called to participate.
Depending on the evening, bring bedding, a mask, or an item for trade. Read instructions carefully.
If you are able, donate by free will to the artists.

We Series is presented by Elastic Arts and all events take place at 3429 W Diversey Ave.

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