May 17th 2019

New Series “CEREBRAL” by Robin Monique Rios
50 new pieces Including digital photography and sculpture

“Art, for the most part, is about tapping into the senses. As artists, we can’t always explain what motivates us to create because the motivation to express ourselves emotionally and connect intellectually is often at odds. The creative process starts by delving into the unknown, where the artist has made a deep, subconscious, emotional connection. Our minds have stopped, in a sense, to allow the emotion to direct the creative process from start to finish. We don’t contemplate the meaning until much later, when we are finally face to face with our creations. Intellectually, we struggle to express the meaning or purpose because, to the creator, there are no words that could ever explain a work of art where only the soul knows the meaning.” -RMR

I look forward to seeing you all MAY 17TH, 2019 6-10PM AT 4Art Space 1029 W. 35th Street, 4th floor of the Zhou B Art Center Chicago.

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