May 26th 2019

Please join us on Wednesday, May 26, from 1pm to 3pm at the Comfort Station for MURMUR OF DEMOCRACY. Like all other Murmurs we will spend our time reading to – and for – each other. Our texts will be the speeches, letters, poems and testimonies of people who have suffered hatred, bigotry, and other forms of oppression. Our time together will provide an opportunity to reflect on why we value democracy when it works and why we need it when it fails. More information about the Murmurs of Democracy can be found at

Murmurs of Democracy are free and open to the public. Join us and spread the word. Like democracy itself, the more people who participate, the more meaningful the experience. Murmur of Democracy is an ongoing series of group performances organized by artist Matthew Girson.

Comfort Society is a weekly speaker series that invites attendees to hear a lecture, participate in a workshop, discuss evocative topics, and learn something new every Sunday at 1pm during the farmer’s market. Comfort Society is proudly sponsored by Intelligentsia Logan Square.

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