May 17th 2019

Michael Claire: Alphabet

@ Hopewell Brewing Co.

2760 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Opening Friday, May 17th, at 6PM

On view through Sunday, July 14th

Born in 1983 in Ft. Riley, KS. Michael studied at Columbia College and graduated with a degree in Journalism. He started making art in late 2015 and has exhibited domestically and internationally. Before that he spent time living abroad and working as a cook, writer, and teacher. He can be found at the Zhou B Art Center.

Artist Statement:
Music, in any form, is foundational to my process. I find it a useful and necessary distraction to get my mind to a more meditative state, and it’s in this space where I can react in more instinctive, emotive ways.

My work is mostly an exploration of blurred lines. I love exploring the distinctions between representation and abstraction, contrast and unity, and movement and balance.

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