May 10th 2019

Columbia College Chicago undergraduate seniors present their Art History theses and engage in discussion.
Candice Hemphill: “A Critical Approach to Pop-Up Museums:
Searching for Meaning amid the Folly”

Tyler Jones: “The Value of Horror: Abject Art and it’s Contemporary Relevance”

Shawn Murphy, “Richard Prince: The Ethical Dilemma of Post-Modern Appropriation”

Nicole Neale, “The Use of Video Game Mechanics to Expand Sense of Self in Bill Viola and USC GameLab’s The Night Journey”

Martín Ortiz de Taranco, “The Minimalist American Skyscraper and the Conditions for a Postmodern Experience of Public Art: From the Chicago Federal Center to Tilted Arc through the New Jersey Turnpike”

Teddy Smith, “At the Threshold: Situating Screen-Reliant Art Between the Virtual and the Real”

Ash Taylor, “Embodying the Virtual: Virtual Realism and the Body in the Art Institution”
The ‘Golden Carousel’ Hollis Sigler Manifest Award will be announced at 6:30 p.m. during the Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition Reception at the Arcade Gallery (618 S. Michigan Ave., 2nd floor).

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