Apr 26th 2019

The Black Experience is one of SAIC’s largest, most popular and sought out events of the year. In the last couple of years, we were accompanied with BbyMutha, TYGAPAW, Kiara Lanier, Bonita AppleBlunt, and DJ Rae Chardonnay who, besides BbyMutha and TYGAPAW are prominent figures in Chicago nightlife. This event is about black queer liberation, claiming space, and celebrating all of our successes throughout the year, with an attendance of 300+ people. This year we are proposing an event around specific artists who explore sonic and visual experimentation that unifies their work in order to build a dialogue which considers a vast spectrum of intersectional narratives, Black instrumentation, and semiotics of the African diaspora. Diversifying sound as a contemporary discipline of open engagement by inviting the audience to access a multi-sensory experience that is rich in ethnic and cultural specificity. The funding will be used as honorariums and domestic flight costs for the artists we tend to solicit.

The evenings performers/DJS:





*** There will be free food and drinks !

>>> this is a 21+ event

All SAIC students , faculty, staff, and alum will be guaranteed entry accompanied by a plus one (can be a non affiliate)

Anyone who is not affiliated with SAIC please feel free to message me your full name to be listed to guaranteed entry ( Ashara Renfroe _ arenfr@artic.edu). For those listed are also will also be entitled to a plus one.

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