Apr 20th 2019

Language & Liveness Festival

@ Gallery 400

400 S Peoria St, Chicago, IL 60607

Opening Saturday, April 20th, from 1PM - 6PM

On view through Saturday, April 20th

Language & Liveness:
A Student-Run Festival
University of Illinois at Chicago
Gallery 400 Lecture Room
1:00pm – 6:00pm, April 20, 2019

Language and Liveness is a student-run festival focusing on the intersections of language, performance and cinema. We embrace improvisation, conversation and collaboration as lived practices for public programming, education and exhibition. From conception through execution, our goal is an engaged pedagogy of radical doing. In addition to thinking through exhibition, screening and public contexts, we are producing the first ever student-run film and performance festival at UIC.

1:00 pm
People change like the seasons, changes that can be caused by traumas, successes, or simply new information. This screening is a look at how video can be used with other forms of media like photography, animation and writing to convey shifts in identity and personality over time.

Artists: Robert Chase Heishman + Megan Schvaneveldt, Gabriela Escovar, Cameron Dean Gibson, Neelu Bhuman, Jon Turner, and more!

Curated by Kwadwo Addo-Gyan

2:30 pm
English Is Not of My Own
Surrounded by ideas of language in conjunction with the black and brown experience, this program explores the ways in which minorities navigate the world through language—and specifically thinking about our relationship to language, our native tongue, and english in America. Thinking of the many layers and complicatedness of cross-cultural identities and how we adapt, and finally how we language—visually, verbally, subliminally—in the digital era.

Artists: Paige Taul, Yvette Mayorga, Namir Fearce, Andrea Figueroa, Xitlalli Tarin Sixta

Curated by Ariella Granados

4:00 pm
The Collaboratory
Can musicians work together to create an improvised soundtrack? Can dance and video artists work together to improvise a show? Six artists will attempt to solve these challenging questions with little to no preparation! Watch as artists collaborate in this epic cross-disciplinary performance and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Artists Include: Danielle Ross, Avery Young, Allen Moore, Caleb Foss, Ariella Granados, Brenna Ginsberg

Curated by Luis F. Salazar

With interstitial works by Ariella Granados, Luis F. Salazar, Kwadwo Addo-Gyan and EJ Nussbaum

Language & Liveness is facilitated by Jesse Malmed with EJ Nussbaum

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