Apr 25th 2019

“Indigenous Prosperity and American Conquest: Indian Women of the Ohio River Valley, 1690-1792,” by Susan Sleeper-Smith, recovers the agrarian village world Indian women created in the lush lands of the Ohio Valley.

In this free meet-the-author event, Sleeper-Smith will be interviewed by Jesse Dukes, Audio Producer for WBEZ Chicago and author of the interactive website, “Without Native Americans, Would We Have Chicago as We Know It?”. Following their conversation, Sleeper-Smith will sign copies of her book, which will be available for purchase.

Susan Sleeper-Smith is interim director of the Newberry’s McNickle Center for American Indian and Indigenous Studies and professor of history at Michigan State University. She is author of Indian Women and French Men: Rethinking Cultural Encounter in the Western Great Lakes and editor or co-editor of several essay volumes, including Rethinking the Fur Trade: Cultures of Exchange in an Atlantic World; Contesting Knowledge: Museums and Indigenous Perspectives; and New Faces of the Fur Trade.

Jesse Dukes is audio producer of WBEZ Chicago’s Curious City program, which answers listener questions about Chicago, the region, and its people. He works with contributors as well as reporting stories for the project.

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