Mar 28th 2019

The Vertical Side Show & Dead 2 Me Records pres

You Don’t Know Glitch

Glitch Hop – Future Bass – Glitch Swing – Grime

Featuring DJs
Super Smash Atoms
Dan Asseo (spectre)

Along with live performances by
Ray Gunn

With guest
Otter Chaös
Lucky Stiff

Live art by

Blacklighting & Body art by:

Visual art workshop with Rhiannon Rose (The Flow Arts Fairy) & Brandyn Schwab (Third3y3Feline)

In this intro fan class we will be going over some basic concepts and ideas that’ll get you on the right track to explore deeper into all the juicy fan tech out there and maybe even discover things that haven’t yet to be created ! I will be walking everyone though ways to hold your fans for your preferred grip style, the “fan relations” or “fan alphabet” and some grid basics that’ll help you start to understand your planes and body positioning to make everything you do look great ! For those who have a good understanding of the fan basics and want a little more to dive deeper into the fan tech world I will be touching on 2 fan one hand tricks , tosses, flowers , and quarter time.

Flow Arts is the celebration of the combination of several different movement-based activities, which include poi, hula-hooping, dancing and fire spinning. Begin your journey into the world of flow arts with an introduction to Poi, one of the most popular types of flow arts. Whether your goals include meditation, exercise, dance, or self-expression, this workshop will provide you with the basic skills to achieve all of these and more. Led by The Flow Arts Fairy, Rhiannon Yalowitz, you will learn the fundamentals of Poi, along with popular tricks such as the weave, the butterfly, the buzzsaw, and more!

Please come in comfortable clothing and bring your own set of poi and fans !

Flow artists welcome!
No dress code
ONLY $5!
9pm – 2am

Official Website

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