Mar 18th 2019

In celebration of Women’s History Month, join Jane Addams Hull-House Museum for an evening celebrating women of color filmmakers! Curated by Michelle Materre, Associate Professor of Media Studies and Film at The New School, Through Her Eyes: Contemporary Shorts by Women of Color Filmmakers includes five contemporary short films addressing a range of compelling social issues:

Respect and Love by Angelique Webster
(2018, 16 min)
This experimental documentary is a tribute to the first African-American woman to sue the Catholic Church for sexual abuse thirty years ago, and a colloquy between the filmmaker and her mother.

Into My LIfe by Cassandra Bromfield
(2018, 15 min)
Into My Life explores a mother and daughter’s audiovisual legacy – it is all preserved on 8mm film – revealing their remarkable personal archive from 1965 to the present.

De Colores by Luz Zamora
(2017, 16 min)
Aura Taibel cleaned the houses of others for over thirty years. Through Aura’s eyes, we learn about the challenges of living and working as an immigrant in the U.S., skillfully navigating New York City while facing the challenges of being an unnoticed outsider. Yet, Aura emerges triumphant, revealing a promising entrepreneurial career in her native Colombia.

Dreams in Transit by Karen Martinez
(2017, 29 min)
Dreams in Transit is a poetic, cine-essay style documentary reflecting on the theme of identity and belonging for contemporary migrants. The narrator, a London-based Trinidadian, returns to the Caribbean to explore the meaning of ‘home’ and where it is that both migrants and non-migrants might be said to ‘belong’. Using a kaleidoscopic collage approach, the film weaves actuality, poetry, narration, fiction, and interviews with a range of people. Perhaps identity is not so much a fact but a production, which is never complete, always in process.

Michelle Materre is a film producer, writer, arts administrator, and distribution and marketing specialist. Materre managed the marketing and positioning of 23 films with KJM3 Entertainment Group, Inc.—a film distribution and marketing company that specialized in multicultural film and television projects co-founded by Materre—including the successful theatrical release of the highly acclaimed film Daughters of the Dust, by Julie Dash. Materre also founded Creatively Speaking, her critically acclaimed film forum for presenting works by and about women and people of color for 21 years. Creatively Speaking’s mission is to change the cultural narrative and expand audiences for independent film and video artists of color through community screenings and thoughtful discussions.


The Hull-House’s historic Residents Dining Hall is wheelchair accessible.


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