Mar 26th 2019

As we close in on the centenary of the 1918-1919 German Revolution, the Platypus Affiliated Society will be hosting teach-ins around the country on this pivotal moment for twentieth-century Marxism. At Platypus SAIC, the discussion will be focused on Rosa Luxemburg, one of the most prominent theoretical and practical leaders of this world-historic development in the revolutionary struggle for socialism. This teach-in will offer an in-depth look into the politics, criticisms, and historically decisive actions of the woman whose significance has been both obscured and recently revived. You may know her from Verso’s graphic biography Red Rosa, articles from Jacobin, Medium, The Guardian, etc., or even from this year’s Berlin march commemorating the 100th anniversary of her assassination. But what do we make of her current reappearance, which portrays her as a feminist and activist first and foremost? What does this mean for the ostensible Left today?

Please join us on Tuesday, March 26th for a presentation by SAIC Platypus member Stephanie Gomez on the life and legacy of Luxemburg, followed by a Q&A conversation open to all attendees. Free and open to the public! State ID required for entry if you are not an SAIC student.

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