Mar 23rd 2019

Onion City: The Ghosts Are Laughing At Us

@ Chicago Filmmakers

5720 N Ridge Ave, Chicago, IL 60660

Opening Saturday, March 23rd, from 3:30PM - 5PM

On view through Sunday, March 24th

A spooky air of events past and present haunts these works. Is history repeating itself? What can happen when everything has already happened?

Featuring work by the following artists: Jackie Goss, Mike Hoolboom, Caitlin Ryan, and Michael Wawzenek.

Failing Up
Jackie Goss
“Failing Up” describes career advancement despite bad decisions, bankruptcies, and intellectual mediocrity. In this short film, the Manhattan real estate holdings of the King of Failing Up are catalogued and synced to a soundtrack that suggests how it feels to be one of his subjects.

3 Dreams of Horses
Mike Hoolboom
Film is made out of gelatin that comes from horses. They’re waiting to be slaughtered, so that pictures can be made.

The House With No Corners
Caitlin Ryan
Known as the Devil’s House, the Town Hall, and the Bull Valley Police Department, “The House With No Corners” observes the uncanny past and present of those who haunt a Midwestern landscape.

Hunger Anger Wonder Tumble
Michael Wawzenek
An ethnographic excavation of the American home video market of the 80s and 90s that isolates and highlights authoritarian whiteness and masculinity.

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