Mar 8th 2019

In a first time collaboration Olivia Block and Biliana Voutchkova will perform guided improvisational pieces for solo violin and manipulated cassette tape. Tapes will feature solo violin and field recordings prepared by the artists in advance. Biliana will, in a sense, accompany herself from a previous time period, captured on cassette tape. Her performance will be guided by the speed and clarity of the tape as it is altered and manipulated (performed) live by Olivia. Performances will be re-recorded live, then multiplied further by the next performance. The work is constantly developing and building a kind of an archive of itself which is evident each time it is played live. These pieces emphasize themes related to the multiple ways time is experienced through sound and recordings, and how meaning is created and altered through the recording process of sound.

An audiovisual CD release concert for Chyme (Suppedaneum, 2018), featuring a performance by vocalist/composer Carol Genetti and visual artist Gwyneth Zeleny Anderson. Genetti will perform a piece for voice, mediated through various objects such as tubes, electronics and crystal glasses, as Anderson projects text and animations as prompts for listening. Akin to their project Chyme, this performance will be concerned with the visceral yet intimate experience of sound and its connection to the body.

Biliana Voutchkova’s appearance is made possible through support of the Goethe Institut-Chicago.

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