Mar 22nd 2019

Foto Mercado

@ Ace Hotel Chicago

311 N Morgan St, Chicago, IL 60607

Opening Friday, March 22nd, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Sunday, March 24th

For the second year running, Foto Mercado is a 3-day exhibition and market celebrating the traditions and physical aspects of printed photography. Prints, zines and books will be on sale through local and national artists and vendors with an accompanying exhibition in the Gallery. Curated by Adam Jason Cohen and ZINEmercado (Oscar Arriola and CHema Skandal).

March 22nd: opening exhibition and preview party, 6–9pm.
March 23-24: market, 11am–6pm


Aa Print & Publishing
Abhi Chandra , Andrew White, Michael Janey
Abraham Lincoln Brigade
Adam Jason Cohen
Allan Lee Koss
Allison Parssi & Jessica Pierotti
Alex Wallbaum & Evan Sheehan
Alissa Desiree Godina
Anjali Pinto
Billy Keihn
The Bettys
Billy Sukoski
Candor Arts
Challenger BMX/ Nick Ferreira
Dæja “Arndis” Yr
Daniel Delgado
DudeBabe Chicago
Evan Jenkins
Grant Lewandowski
Halfmoon Projects/Matthew David Crowther
Harley Friedman
Homie House Press
Jamie M. Moore
Jason Vaughn
J.D. Crabtree
Jon Salazar
Justin Soto
Kevin O’Meara
Kristin Deitrich
La Horchata Zine
Lauren O’Neil
Maria Dunaevsky
Mariah Karson
Match Books
Maxwell Mateikis
Megan Tepper
Michael Brandt
Michael Gaylord James
Mike Gamboa
Nathan Pearce
Nighted Life
Oscar Arriola
Patrick Toni
Ricardo Montana
Richard Anderson
Sam Schmieg
Same Coin Press
Shelf Shelf
Tamarkin Camera & The Rangefinder Gallery
Temporary Services / Half Letter Press
Tired Projects
W.d floyd
Whim World
William Flores
Wurlington Press


Saturday 3PM and 4PM:

Andrew White, Darryl Jackson, Michael Janey, Samuel Del Pilar, Abhi Chandra –

Collaborative Entrepreneurship

Discussing how the ideologies and codes of street culture translate into independent collaborative ventures outside of the realm of product. Each speaker will discuss personal projects they are and have been involved with as entrepreneurs who are constantly referencing and living the ethos of street art, clothing, design, fashion, and music, and applying those attitudes and approaches to new spaces.

Anjali Pinto –


Anjali Pinto will lift the veil behind her studio practice in a 30-minute presentation of the evolution of her work from bartender to staff photographer to freelancer. She’ll discuss what makes money, how to fund a personal project, and how to manage side hustles while trying to produce images when the editors stop calling.

Sunday 2PM and 3PM:

Kevin O Meara –

“I have all these photos, now what?”: An Approach to Editing and Self-Publishing.

I will walk through preliminary steps from image collection, editing and sequencing with an emphasis on editing and sequencing. Participants will see everything from preliminary edits to maquette assembly as the sea of files gets reduced down to a zine ready for printing.

Latitude Labs –

Paper and Perception

LATITUDE staff members Colleen Keihm, Adam Schachner, and Alex Wieder will present a workshop on paper type and how it affects the way we see printed material. Paper quality of a photo zine or book can enhance the emotion and intuition provided by the artist. When attending the workshop, visitors can view standard inkjet paper samples alongside silks, newprint, and metallics in our Viewing booth. Staff will discuss the importance of paper types, how paper profiling can help color and previsualization, and provide artists with a technical background for production. Samples of zines and books will be on hand for group discussion. Located in the West Town neighborhood of Chicago, LATITUDE maintains a community digital lab that provides affordable access to high end digital equipment and a production space for the creation of artwork. For Foto Mercado, staff invites visitors to workshop their paper ideas alongside a conversation about perception and the printed matter.

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