Mar 24th 2019

Celebrate Womyn’s Herstory month with amfm and OTV in a special evening packed with femme forward programs and their creators!

We will be opening the doors at 5:00 with a curated selection of music videos that feature trans, non-binary, queer, and womyn artists. We will begin the screenings at 5:30pm with episodes 1 and 2 of Seeds by Deja Harrell and C.J. Thomas. At 5:45 the test screening of King Ester begins, directly followed by a screening of Olympia. There will be a brief Q&A after each screening.

We want this to be cozy and cute so please bring bean bag chairs, floor pillows, blankets all the cuddly things. A few will be provided in the space. Also, bring some snacks to share! OTV will provide popcorn.

5:00 – Doors (Music Videos)
5:30 – Seeds (Episode 1&2)
5:45 – Test screening of King Ester
7:00 – Olympia

Seeds Series: screening of episodes 1 and 2 and Q&A with director, CJ Thomas

A socially conscious, comedy web series following the misadventures of 4 young black women.

Olympia: screening of feature and Q&A with writer and lead, McKenzie Chinn

Olympia Welles has to make a choice. Her roommate has moved out, leaving her to cover rent on an apartment she can’t afford, her career as an artist has stalled before ever taking off, and her mother is sick in the hospital. Now, her oldest friend, and her boyfriend too, are starting new careers that threaten to take them far away. On the cusp of 30, everything around Olympia is changing. Now she has to decide if she’s going to change with it, or get left behind. A vivid exploration of what it means to become an adult today, Olympia is one leg of the journey towards the courage it takes to become who we are.

King Ester Series: test screening of full series and Q&A with creator, Dui Jarrod

Ester, a trans women from New Orleans destined for fame, is forced to make a decision to leave before Hurricane Katrina arrives, but it may be too late.

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