Mar 6th 2019

A Sharp Light That Shines features a selection of short narrative and experimental documentary films from filmmakers exploring global migration from their varied backgrounds and perspectives. These films focus on patterns of human movement around the globe as a current event, a lived history, an inherited and shared memory, and a contemporary experience.

Films include:
Jazra Khaleed, Gone is Syria, gone, 2016
Rana Kazkaz & Anas Khalaf, Mare Nostrum, 2017
Victor Lindgren, Kometen (The Comet), 2017
Razan Al Salah, Your father was born 100 years old and so was the Nakba, 2017
Tyma Hezam, Here You Are, 2017
Josh Begley, Best of Luck with the Wall, 2016
Mathilde Babo, After the Spring, 2017

Image credit: Rana Kazkaz and Anas Khalaf, Still from Mare Nostrum, 2017

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