Dec 8th 2018

Touch me with your tongue

@ New Works

3403 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60651

Opening Saturday, December 8th, from 6PM - 10PM

On view through Monday, January 8th

And Judith did slay him in the end, hard.
Yet, if he was to take the form of a many-headed fiend which one would she slay first and how mighty would her blow be?
Would she slit the aorta horizontally or go along its very ebb and flow and cut vertically?
What about other routes? Non-Cartesian trajectories are always a pain to describe.
A brutal hailstorm interrupts them mid slit.
The falling ice wets and thumps, the pages turn into pulp. Some of it falls into the dirt forming a muddy paste, perfect for crafting kids masks.
The uninvited circumstances puts her in a place where there isn’t much to do, she hugs her knee and buries it further into her chin while looking into the fish-eyed world inside a dewdrop.
She is reminded of that time not long ago when human being –thought then as a force of nature– decided to wield not an ax but geology itself; but had nothing to slay but our own heads.
But had nothing to slay but one of its many heads. The hail keeps tingling her body.
One hits right in the middle finger nail. Ouch
Later– we bury ourselves layer upon layer of land upon fold of skin. Here amidst flesh we take a stance and choose to remain with the immediately tactile for it’s soothing salve for that time when —
Tonight- we gravitate only to that which is an evaporating-breath away; for it’s only with my tongue that I’ve learned to discern which of these heads is it that spits. Touch me with your tongue. Touch me with your tongue.

New Works is pleased to exhale and damp the glass; where we then drew in a single stroke and with a sweaty finger a fruit, a dick and a smiley face and are in turn very proud to present Touch Me With Your Tongue, a two-person exhibition by Sylvie Hayes-Wallace & Laura McAdams.

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