Dec 1st 2018

speed and depth: a reading inspired by ‘something like leaving’

@ Goldfinch

319 N Albany Ave, Chicago, IL 60612

Opening Saturday, December 1st, from 5PM - 6PM

On view through Saturday, December 15th

Join us on Saturday December 1, 5-6pm for ‘speed and depth,’ a reading inspired by Bill Conger’s current solo exhibition something like leaving. Readers: Mary DeYoe, Erin Hayden, Ben Segal, and Maggie Taft. Organized by Elizabeth Lalley.

There’s a lot of room in Bill Conger’s exhibition. Literally, in its ultra-minimalist arrangement of work, but psychologically, too. Using a few modest objects–measuring instruments, magazine pages–and the space around them to invite meditations on time, loss, and possibility, something like leaving resembles a poem. Poems, after all, can make familiar words feel suddenly strange and expansive; the most vivid image compressed in words can quickly shift in our minds. Prompted by the poetic possibilities of Bill’s show, this event brings together several Chicago-based writers, artists, and poets to read a selection of creative works of their own, or of their choosing, to explore the “something” that Bill’s title alludes to: whatever and wherever it might be.

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