Dec 2nd 2018

Open Eyes // Deep Wood

@ The Yards

2028 S Canalport Ave, Chicago, IL 606016

Opening Sunday, December 2nd, from 11AM - 4PM

On view through Sunday, December 2nd

The Yards invites all to join us on the final day of “Open Eyes // Deep Woods,” an exhibition that displays the work of Brick Cassidy, Kat Gu, Rohan Khanna, Charlie Kolber, Will Krauland, Adrian Lo, and Carolina Velez Muñiz.

Please join us for the closing reception, which will be held on Sunday, December 2nd from 11am until 4pm. Mimosas and free food will be served; we invite all to come, experience the work, and have brunch! New pieces will be shown and the basement will culminate into a drastically different experience during the daylight.

“Open Eyes // Deep Woods” aims to explore indeterminacies of perception by examining adaptation and response to ever-changing yet omnipresent stimuli. This exhibition, comprised of pieces ranging from the playful to the solemnly poetic, functions not only as a showcase of artistic aptitude but also as a sensory and psychological experience – akin, perhaps, to finding yourself lost in deep woods.

Those who have already attended the opening know that the work is uniquely light-activated; this closing reception, held during the day, will differ drastically from the opening. We encourage our viewers to attend the closing brunch in order to fully experience the unique potentiality of the work.

Please visit our website to read individual artist bios:

Brick Cassidy
Kat Gu
Rohan Khanna
Charlie Kolber
Will Krauland
Adrian Lo
Carolina Velez Muniz


The Yards Gallery is an artist-run exhibition space and studio focused on awareness, community celebration, and steering the contemporary away from exclusivity. We’re excited for our space to facilitate imaginings of all mediums. The Yards is a not-for-profit collective and welcomes proposals from the community.

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