Dec 1st 2018

SAT DEC 01, 6:30-9PM / Doors open @ 6PM
J. Dakota Brown, Allen Moore, and Sonnenzimmer

Day Three of On Civil Disobedience: An Epilogue features a reading, a musical performance, and a performative lecture by On Civil Disobedience pamphlet designer J. Dakota Brown, Allen Moore, and Sonnenzimmer.

All events are free and take place at Sector 2337, 2337 N Milwaukee Ave., Chicago IL 60647

J. Dakota Brown will read Design and Labor: a brief history, a prelude to his forthcoming pamphlet When Designers Disobeyed. His text will walk through a century of transformations in graphic design’s division of labor. Seen in the right light, he argues, the history of the profession is deeply entwined with the great absurdities of capitalism: in particular, the uneasy coexistence of idleness, overwork, and runaway production. Allen Moore, will present his work in progress, Feels Like (Madness), spinning records of various materials (graphite, red clay etc), layering a haunting mix of News, music and relevant social sound pieces. The presentation of the three-day event series is Sonnenzimmer’s “Graphic Filament.” For this performance lecture, Sonnenzimmer asks: “What links the graphics of the natural world to our own graphic expression? Graphics have existed in the wild long before humans got the hang of them. Plants and animals use their graphic exteriors to aid in a number of activities (mating, camouflage, hunting, etc). Through biomimicry, humans have harnessed our own graphic impulse. That impulse has now materialized well beyond our immediate exteriors, forming a graphic social skin that is inseparable from our humanity. With an impending virtual and augmented reality, this social skin is becoming increasingly inhabitable and interactive. As we start to fuse ourselves with this graphic skin, what do we stand to learn from exploring the graphic knowledge of the natural world? Cross pollinating ideas introduced in the publications Graphic Arts Future (2013), Café Avatar (2017), and Shape Song (2018), Sonnenzimmer will use a hybrid performative lecture format, to explore these questions through text, image, and sound.”

SAT DEC 01 6:30-9PM
About the artists:

Dakota Brown moved to Chicago in 2000 to work in a graphic design firm, but he was quickly drawn into the city’s little universe of DIY venues, small presses, and even smaller magazines. He is currently working on a dissertation about graphic design and the history of capitalism at Northwestern University. Dakota teaches courses in the history, theory, and practice of design at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Allen Moore is and Black American interdisciplinary artist, educator and curator born and raised in the small village of Robbins IL just south of Chicago. In large, his work is a social allegory, conversing with symbols and institutions conducive to the constructs of race, social class and personal introspection. Paring formal elements such as drawing, painting and design with a DIY-Maker mindset, Allen cultivates his interdisciplinary exploration and pedagogy. Allen has a Bachelors of Arts from Chicago State University, a Masters in Arts from Governors State University and a Masters of Fine Arts from Northern Illinois University.

Sonnenzimmer is the collective output of Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi. Their work explores the contemporary and historic impact of the graphic impulse through publishing, exhibitions, graphic design, and performance. While the duo works in an array of media, their focus is on triangulating a deeper understanding of the role of graphic expression at large. In addition to their self-driven work, Sonnenzimmer actively engages in commissioned projects aiming to reshape preconceived notions of the graphic arts.

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