Dec 13th 2018

On Recombination
A sound performance by Eduardo F. Rosario
Thursday, December 13 from 6-9pm / doors open at 5:30pm

On Recombination is a project that focuses on the circulation, abrasion, and clustering of digital sound objects. These objects are approached through the perspective of compression standards, remix culture, and postproduction techniques as modes in which their form is subjected to constant serial variation and further mobilization. Rhythm is employed as a plane of consistency that allows the weaving of web apparitions, cultural anachronisms, and other digital traces into new aural assemblages. This project is made of three parts, each performed at 6:15pm, 7:00pm, and 7:45pm on December 13.

i. on the recombination of codec temporalities
ii. spectrality as aerosol
iii. pneumatophonic lag

Eduardo F. Rosario is a sound artist and performing experimental musician from Caguas, Puerto Rico currently based in Chicago, Illinois.

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