Dec 1st 2018

Wedge Projects invites you for a closing reception of LONG DIVISION, a solo exhibition by Andrew Bearnot inaugurating the newly renovated Extension.

In mathematics, long division is a method for breaking a large problem into smaller parts. These fragments accumulate into a whole – like an image resolving out of a blank screen, one pixel at a time. Long division is slow. It is slow and repetitive. When calculations are too large to complete in the mind, long division offers a step-by-step algorithm for working out a solution on paper. It is a writing practice, a form of drawing. This ritualized procedure grounds one’s inquiry into the unknown. It is a process-based way of understanding. Thus, long division can be thought of like a spell or a prayer: a choreography of gestures that is as much about the methodology as the result.

Andrew Bearnot (MFA 2017, University of Chicago) is a materialist: he thinks with and through the substance of things. Informed by a background in material science (BS, Brown University) and glass (BFA, Rhode Island School of Design), Bearnot explores moments of transcendence in the everyday. He was awarded fellowships from Fulbright and the American-Scandinavian Foundation for research on glass-making traditions in Sweden and Denmark and has been an artist-in-residence at the Museum of Art and Design (NY), Hyde Park Arts Center, Marble House Project (VT), and Creative Glass Center of America (NJ).

This exhibition runs concurrent with Amber Ginsburg and Rebecca Keller: The Office of Metaphor

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