Dec 1st 2018

December 1, 2018 – January 31, 2019
Grand Opening Party: Sat & Sun, December 1-2, 11am – 7pm

Preview the exhibition Fri, Nov 30, 12-5pm

Regular Gallery Hours: Fridays & Saturdays 12-5pm AND BY APPOINTMENT

Over 80 artists!
Christmas has come and gone, but the small print show continues to grow and change as we replace sold work with new prints. Shipments continue to arrive from all over the world, and January is a wonderful time to indulge and purchase a little something special for yourself or a loved one. This heavily curated show is a brilliant and affordable way to start your art collection or add to your already-established cache of prints. The CPC staff is here to assist and unlock the treasure trove of the workshop flat files to help you find an image that is right for your budget and taste. Prepare to be inspired. Bring your parents, children, friends, teachers, and catch artists pulling prints off the presses as you view the gorgeous work on the gallery wall. It’s basically the hottest spot on Western Avenue just north of the Lincoln/Western split in Lincoln Square. Looking forward to seeing you at our oasis of originality…!

Featured Artists: Grazvyda Andrijauskaite (Lithuania), Hiroshi Ariyama, Colleen Aufderheide, Michael Barnes, Victoria Marie Barquin, John Bergmeier, Coco Berkman, Alexandra Blom, George Bodmer, Liz Born, Eric Bremer, Margaret Buchen, Corinna Button (UK), Sascha Chesler, Jill Chittenden, Jeanine Coupe-Ryding, Cathie Crawford, Glenn Doherty, L J Douglas, David Driesbach, Kirsten Flaherty, Christine Gendre-Bergere (France), Bryn Gleason, Karinna Gomez, Dan Grzeca, Susan Hall, Anna Hasseltine, Susannah Hera, Megan Hinds, Eric Hoffman, Mirka Hokkanen, Teresa James, Raeleen Kao, Eric Johnson, Ryan Kapp, Amos Paul Kennedy Jr., Scott Kiefer, Damon Kowarsky (Australia), Jill Kramer, Ammarin Kuntawong (Thailand), Carol Lader, Deborah Maris Lader, Jeff Lassahn, Kim Laurel, Carrie Lingscheit, Bart Longacre, Amornthep Mahamaet (Thailand), Michelle McCoy, Bert Menco, Andrew Mullally, Maria Mungai, Novak Nastasic, Jillian Nickell, Ali Norman, Kumi Obata (Japan), Duffy O’Connor, Dennis O’Malley, Painted Tongue Press, Sage Perrott, Jaco Putker (Netherlands), Artemio Rodriguez (Mexico), Jay Ryan, Justin Santora, Bob Scheffler, Susie Secco, Jeff Sippel, Yuttana Sittikat (Thailand), Sarah Smelser, Meghann Sottile, Starshaped Press, Megan Sterling, Jerawit Surtsit (Thailand), Kitikong Tilokwattanotai (Thailand), Kouki Tsuritani (Japan), Melody Vaughan, Nicola Villa (Italy), Sudtipong Vongsorn (Thailand), Carl Voss, Vivan Wang, Scott Westgard, Cleo Wilkinson (Australia), Catherine Winings, Nele Zirnite (Latvia).

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