Dec 2nd 2018

We are excited to invite you to the sixth installment of an exhibition titled 12 Openings, a yearlong experiment in collaborative curation with unpredictable results.

Over the course of the year there will be 12 shows, each having its own two titles, culminating in a group show of 24 artists.

Each month two artists are invited to install an artwork in or around the home of Laura Shaeffer, Andrew Nord, and their sons Sebastian and Jasper, making the private public and extending our understanding of home, family, and community. Both artists are then asked to extend the invitation to one more artist to do the same, thus adding two more works, and two more show titles each month. Each new artwork multiplies the connections between the existing artworks and, overall, constructs a cumulative exhibition that subverts the traditional top-down nature of curating exhibitions, replacing it with a model of artist-driven co-curation. The narrative arc of the show is not predetermined, but rather built upon the robust and crisscrossing networks of artists in this collaborative city. 12 Openings showcases the artists that other artists are curious about and allows these connections to shine as the exhibition grows. At the end of the run, the 12th opening, viewers will be able to see 24 original works by 24 artists, selected and inspired by their peers.

We are thrilled to announce our sixth participating artists and their titles:


Jan Brugger

Materials: steel, dye-sub print on PU coated waterproof fabric, solar-powered LEDs, plastic teddy bear, salt, wood and mixed media

approx. 4’ x 3’ x 5’

Part-cultural tombstone, part-lantern in the fog of hopelessness, part-sinking ship, and part-waterproof shelter – Salty rides the line between ironic detachment and sincerity in relation to comedy, meme culture and millennial trauma. It both mocks and attempts to decipher the disorientation and feeling of defeat that stems from the Age of Trump, extreme capitalism, global destruction, a post-truth society, and the Internet at large. Salty acknowledges that the planet is drowning in waste and being swept away by large-scale storms caused by global warming, that the thought of buying a home is laughable because meaningful jobs with a promise of upward mobility in the US are nowhere to be found, and that consumer culture has spiraled out of control. It accepts that as humans, we occasionally need to turn to comedy, Netflix, and our pocket portals when believing in things feel pointless.

Jan Brugger (MFA, University of Chicago; BFA, University of Wisconsin) makes digital works and sculptural installations that test the screen’s influence on the human body and mind. Her work has recently been shown at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (WI), Mana Contemporary (Chicago, IL and Jersey City, NJ), Evanston Art Center (IL), Roman Susan (Chicago, IL), Aggregate Space Gallery (San Francisco, CA), and the Feminist Media Studio at Concordia University (Montreal, QC). Brugger has been awarded fellowships and residencies at the Hyde Park Art Center (Chicago, IL), the University of Chicago (IL), and Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond). She is currently a Lecturer at Purdue Northwest University (IN), Studio Assistant for Jason Salavon Studio, and an Assistant for the Department of Visual Art at the University of Chicago.



Bobby Gonzales
“AO 1 (another object)”

Materials : items from artist’s closet, inkjet prints, polyethylene sheeting, duct tape
dimensions variable

To kill two birds with one stone. to sustain an art practice. to clean up and clear out. to take stock. to locate myself. to forget. to displace my past.

Bobby Gonzales (b. Delran, NJ) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Chicago, IL, whose work explores the intersection of painting, performance, and photography. He received his BFA in painting from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and completed his MFA in photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2016. Bobby’s work has been shown extensively in Chicago at galleries and DIY spaces including the Chicago Artists Coalition, Lithium gallery, and The Carl. Other recent exhibitions and performances include participation in Merce Cunningham’s “Field Dances” at the Walker Art Center (Minneapolis, MN), group exhibitions at Das Institut für Alles Mögliche (Berlin, Germany), The Milwaukee Institute for Art and Design (Milwaukee, WI), The Galleries at Columbia University (New York, NY), Zurcher Studios (New York, NY) and solo exhibitions at Vox Populi artist collective, where he was an artist member from 2012-2014 (Philadelphia, PA). Bobby is a current HATCH resident at the Chicago Artists Coalition, and is the print and new media studio manager at Ox-bow School of Art and Artist Residency.


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