Nov 26th 2018

With Ana Giselle TRANSALIEN and Marina Resende. Moderated and organized by SAIC student Marina Cortés Calle:

Join us in conversation with Brazilian performer and trans-activist Ana Giselle TRANSALIEN and writer and curator Marina Resende on the recent emergence of the Ele Não movement in defense of democracy, freedom and inclusion in Brazil, as a response to the recent election of far right dictatorship supporter Jair Bolsonaro as President of the Republic. Why is Bolsonaro a menace to human rights? How can we create new strategies to re-frame political activism and social movements from an ethical perspective? How an we support human rights global and local movements?

Ana Giselle TRANSALIEN is the creator of Marsha Movement organization, the Trans-Free initiative and a member of the Colectividade Namibia based in Recife, Brasil. She appropriates the concepts of socially characterized abnormality about trans people and re-signifies the mistaken assumptions of abjection and what is unusual, strange, ugly, dirty , improper and all those signs conventionally labeled as wrong or prohibited.

Marina Resende graduated in Comparative Literature from the University of Chicago. In Brazil, she started the International Relations program at the University of Brasília. She is interested in artist-run initiatives that question and create alternatives to conventional institutions and social normality. She is currently working at the Co-Prosperity Sphere and Lumpen magazine in Bridgeport. Marina has been speaking to collectives and artist-led projects in Brazil about responsibility and resistance in the current political moment.

Colectividade Namibia


Red Bull interview to Ana Giselle:

This event is presented as a program of the Talking to Action exhibition, on view at Sullivan Galleries through December 8. Talking to Action:Art, Pedagogy, and Activism in the Americas is curated by Bill Kelley, Jr., curator and lead researcher with Karen Moss, consulting curator. Talking to Action is organized by Ben Maltz Gallery at Otis College of Art and Design as part of Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, and managed as a traveling exhibition by Independent Curators International (ICI).

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