Nov 17th 2018

Prism Putty

@ Space Oddities

1007 N California Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Opening Saturday, November 17th, from 8PM - 11PM

On view through Saturday, December 1st

~Prism Putty~
a comics reading

Special Guest Host:

Erin K Drew of Putty

Erin K Drew hosts Putty, a live art talk show based in Indianapolis, IN.
Part documentary project, part party, Putty is a public art sculpture where the talk show format is appropriated and distorted like a novelty material.
For the evening Drew will lead the readers through a suite of freshly developed games.


Anneli Sanaye Henriksson
Gabe Howell
Prism POP
Emily Schulert
Lucie Van Der Elst

As a semi-recent transplant from France, I now live and work in Chicago since 2016.
In my art practice I’ve always been oscillating between cute colorful papercuts and dark post-apocalyptic landscape drawings, unable to choose a path to follow forever. Because it’s never all-happy nor all-sad, it gets mixed up in absurd but scary but cute but funny paper compositions, drawings, clay sculptures. I’m inspired by micro-organisms, ‘how it’s made” videos, baking shows, compost piles, round pebbles in rivers and galaxies. And people, too!

My name is Gabriel Mason Howell and I am a 22 year old transgender male cartoonist and self publish my work in Chicago, Illinois and receiving my BFA from School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My body of work and publications are largely based around the themes of gender, queer narratives, trauma, and the destigmatization of illness.

Ever look at a flower and hate it? *
The paralyzing anxiety of existence is very real.
Using a sardonic approach to exploring existentialism, my work engages with countercultural production of the recent past in order to examine an aesthetic manifestation of existential angst. I create spaces that reflect ritualistic or symbolic attempts to resist the power of bourgeois hegemony in reaction to existential despair. Through installations and arrangements involving sculptural objects, weavings, and printed material, I challenge perceived boundaries between object, action and place/space. My artwork uses punk ideology, DIY ethos, countercultural print production and the political histories of textiles as points of departure and is driven by the eternal struggle known as the Human Condition. Focusing on my imagined physical manifestation of ‘the underground’; I create the spaces, or potential, of radical action; this radical action mercurially includes the past, present and future. By positioning the viewer in a space constructed by political existential angst, the work invites the viewer to ask himself or herself: why do they persist through encounters with the absurd?

Emily Schulert is a 25 year old artist from Maine. She makes comics lately under the name Sparkel, a flower delivered from above to be the voice of end times. She lives in Chicago and hates the pyramid scheme white death cult we all live in but loves art and people. She has a webstore for comics, embroidery and other crafts at but mostly check out her instagram @lifeagiftwakeupsaythx or Any schemes or collaborations or questions about what’s real, email her at =)

Prism Pop is a collection of visual conversations between Miriam Dubinsky and Alicia Obermeyer. Using free association lists and compulsive drawing, the two have created a sugar-fueled landscape for goofy cartoon faces to morph into mythological creatures and objects. For each book they also produce an immersive installation of large and small drawings in a gallery context. Their projects include “Prism Pop”, “Happy-face Bonkers”, and “Prism Castle Pop”. “Prism Pop” is a 32 page offset book designed and printed by Brian Rush. “Happy-face Bonkers” and “Prism Castle Pop” are two self-released artist books screen-printed and hand painted by Miriam and Alicia.

A special thanks to our host:
‍Space Oddities is equal parts bookstore and gallery, featuring work by local artists and artisans. We host a carefully curated selection of paintings, framed drawings, archival prints, along with ceramics, sculpture, hand created jewelry, candles, tarot and oracle decks. Our new and used books span a broad variety of subjects, paying special mind to dystopian and otherworldly literature, poetry, art books, comics, esoteric tomes, how-to books, mythology, philosophy, pulp sci-fi, and speculative non-fiction, as well as general fiction. We stock a wide variety of incense, herbs, crystals, perfume oils, and other items of a natural and eclectic nature. We love carrying zines, ephemera, and notebooks. After hours, we host workshops, artist pop-ups, tarot readings, book release parties, salon evenings with performance art and poetry, all sorts of things. We’re pretty friendly. Come visit. We are open Monday, Wednesday – Friday from 12-7 pm & Saturday 11-7 pm & Sunday 11-6 pm. We are closed on Tuesdays.

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