Nov 15th 2018

Sarah Luczko will be teaching a re-occurring monthly workshop that examines the structure of Tarot beyond the structure of the “Hero’s Journey”, perhaps best exemplified in the Rider-Waite’s Major Arcana.

Time isn’t linear, life isn’t linear, and your Tarot approach should allow you to consider making active choices. Reading the cards should allow room for others’ perspectives and stories to seep through. Drawing the cards should allow you to consider passive and active cycles and thought patterns in your life with judgement, without judgement.

Making honorifics of age old medieval hierarchies and outdated patriarchal models has got to go. In this class, we’ll be viewing different classic, modern, and contemporary Tarot decks, examining their structure, and highlighting the differences in their philosophy, magic, and pattern-making.

This is an open level class. Prior knowledge may be helpful. A beginner mind is always great.

There will also be an open time for creating your own drawing or writing in response to the workshop. We’ll have plenty of colored pencils and sketch paper, but please feel free to bring your own notebook.

Class fee is $20, including light refreshments.

Please reserve your spot in advance by purchasing a seat:

About Sarah:
Sarah is a multi-disciplinary artist, Hatha yoga instructor, and Tarot reader. She also runs Space Oddities. She has been studying the cards since her friend showed her his deck over a bottle of wine. She’s been learning from the cards, other readers, and different divination systems for the past 13 years. Sarah has been reading professionally since 2012.

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