Nov 30th 2018

This concert, guest curated by ensemble member Jeff Kimmel, features works by Linda Catlin Smith, Makiko Nishikaze and Jürg Frey that explore notions of melody, time and texture. The program concludes with the premiere of Kimmel’s new work “aqua.flv,” which recontextualizes YouTube’s algorithmic test videos into a multilayered composition with 3D video by Kim Alpert. (3D glasses will be provided).

Linda Catlin Smith – Blackwing (2018)
Jürg Frey – Extended Circular Music No. 8 (2014)
Makiko Nishikaze – moremelodies I (2014) [from’s 2017 Call for Scores]
Jeff Kimmel- aqua.flv, with 3D video by Kim Alpert (2018) [3D glasses provided]- world premiere

Eliza Starr Bangert
Nomi Epstein
Jeff Kimmel
Kenn Kumpf
Matthew Oliphant
Robert Reinhart

with guest percussionist Sam Scranton

Julie Pomerleau, JoHanna Brock, and Whitney Johnson – viola trio

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