Oct 26th 2018

Snacks. Candy. Art. Resistance. What more can you ask for from a Halloween and Dia de los Muertos Party? Join us as we celebrate our gente, tell our story, and resist being gentrified out of our community! With chalk, paint, poe-trees, and more, we will physically reclaim our neighborhood on the week of Dia de los Muertos, warn the whole barrio to vote November 6 to #ReplacePLUC and get #CommunityDrivenZoning, and spook gentrification out of our hood before Halloween!

At the beginning of this event, we’ll overview the fight we’re up against with PLUC and urgently let people know WHY we need to resist PLUC and gentrification with our art. We are pushing members in the community to vote YES on November 6th to dismantle and replace the unethical and secretive Pilsen Land Use Committee (PLUC) with a COMMUNITY-DRIVEN Zoning Process. No more developers coming into Pilsen and telling US what to do. No more politicians telling us they’ll “preserve our culture” while evicting residents and kicking families out of their homes. On November 6th, WE tell THEM what WE want to see in our community and how!

All ages are welcome, but please remember this is a *youth-led and youth-centered* event! We prioritize youth attendance and youth leadership on the art-making. Please be sure to spread the word!

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