Sep 7th 2018

Michiko Itatani and Paula Henderson

@ Linda Warren Projects

327 Aberdeen St, Chicago IL 60607

Opening Friday, September 7th, from 5PM - 8PM

On view through Saturday, October 27th

Linda Warren Projects is proud to present the solo exhibitions of two powerful and esteemed, female Chicago-based artists, Michiko Itatani and Paula Henderson. While clearly distinct in both style and focus, each artist uses recurring motifs and imagery to explore their individual concerns for the forces that shape and define our human condition. Existential questions – the who, what, where and how the self is developed – is advanced in these artists’ work through quite literally an array of vantage points, points of view and painterly codings. Itatani’s show in Gallery Y, “Shadows of the Mind” draws us outward toward the vast cosmos and her self-designed universes, brimming with the emblems of culture, science, advancement and learning. Inquiry, curiosity, and imagination drive Itatani’s epic works that posits the mind as the central character and devotes fiction as a vehicle to uncover some of these truths. Alternatively, Henderson’s two exhibits, “Groundwork(s)” and “Regard” (in Gallery X and O respectively) quite literally pulls us to earth, to the land upon which we walk and to our physical bodies. These series lend design to our collective history and prompt discussion of the schematic patterns that shape our contemporary landscape and self-image.

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