Sep 9th 2018

In conjunction with the exhibition “Alexis Rockman: The Great Lakes Cycle,” seven Chicagoans working in creative fields gather to discuss the impact of Lake Michigan on their work and lives: Alison Cuddy, Paul D’Amato, Barbara Koenen, Jin Lee, Louise LeBourgeois, Ovetta Sampson, and David Travis.

Alexis Rockman’s epic paintings, over-sized watercolors and fluid field drawings, created over the course of three years of travel, observation and extensive research, offer us a broad overview of the Great Lakes. To add to the conversation, these seven Chicagoans who have intimate connections to the lake will focus on our particular stretch of the Great Lakes. Several belong to a group of open water swimmers who launch from Promontory Point, some are artists who take the lake and water as their subject. Together they offer immersive insights into this ubiquitous and defining feature of Chicago’s physical and psychic landscape.

Exhibition Hall, Fourth Floor North

Free and all are welcome!

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