Sep 28th 2018

Join us as we partner with Expo’s Art After Hours on Friday, September 28th from 6-9pm! The gallery will be open during this city-wide event so that visitors can view the current exhibition, “Landscaped” and meet the artists. Wine 🍷 will be served. We’d love to be a part of your Art After Hours!

When we think of traditional landscape paintings, several images might come to mind including green rolling hills, the deep gray of the mountains, a deep orange sunset or the blue and silver qualities of a lake. “Landscaped” is a departure from those images and reconsiders the landscape to be something more fluid and re-imagined based on our own relationship with our ever-changing environments. The vibrancy of colors and manipulation of paint in both Polance’s and Kommanivanh’s paintings are very different from one another yet are able to connect and interact with each other through the emotional quality of the work.

“Human activity plays a major role in the push and pull of nature’s birth, death, and rebirth……My landscape paintings are abstractions of nature’s wrath and beauty as I attempt to emulate her strength in fast brush strokes and vibrant marks of color.” – Kommanivanh. “I explore vulnerability through both my subject matter and my painting process. I begin with a specific reference, but once the image is initially laid in, I cease looking at it. Instead, I engage in dialogue with the painting, letting it lead me to unknown places.” – Polance

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