Sep 12th 2018

Comfort Film Presents:

A Distant Thunder (1978)

Plot: The second film, A Thief in the Night being the first, A Distant Thunder continues the story of Patty, a young woman living in the “end times” referred to in biblical prophecy. This action suspense thriller finds Patty living as a fugitive, trying to hide from the ever increasing evil around her. Relentlessly pursued and finally captured by the forces of UNITE, she is given a choice: Either receive “the mark” or face death.


Directed by Donald W. Thompson

Starring: Patty Dunning, Sally Johnson, Sandy Christen, Thom Rachford, Maryann Rachford, Russell S. Doughten Jr.

Running time: 76 minutes
Media: Digital Projection

Comfort film explores this pioneering film series in the genre of Christian Scare films. A Thief in the Night was reportedly watched by over 300 million people world wide. The series heavily influence the later Left Behind series.


Programmed by Raul Benitez and Nando Espinosa Herrera.

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