Aug 3rd 2018

This exhibit presents a powerful allegory of earth bound vs. the ethereal.

Amanda Gentry, using earthenware for her sculptures, creates objects that clearly are of the earth. Using organic shapes, with small stones embedded in the surface, she sands them to mirror smooth surfaces, begging to be touched. “Brother John” is an installation of 28 earthenware pillows, that captures the impressions of as many individuals in a state of endless sleep. Each pillow has an indentation where a head rested. The viewer becomes a witness to a past event. Calm presides.

In the drawings of Denise Bellezzo and the paintings of David Criner their expressive colors, whirling brush strokes and both specific and spontaneous mark making creates energetic and hypnotic compositions. In Bellezzo’s drawings, there is an unexpected fusion that happens between the ground and mark making. In Criner’s work there is a suggestion of endless space.

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