Jul 4th 2018

As many of you might know a number of us have been helping Sabina to run Terrain. One of Sabina’s favorite Terrain projects was the annual 4th July parade in Oak Park. We’re marching again on Wednesday. Please join us!

‘Migration is a human right’

Working with Aram Han Sifuentes, Verónica Casada Hernandez and the Protest Banner Lending Library Terrain will continue our annual tradition marching in the Oak Park Fourth of July Parade.

This year we will march in the parade to draw attention to migration as a human right. We will have banners from the Protest Banner Lending Library for people to carry, but we also encourage you to bring your own signs, noise making devices, banners, flags and so forth to make your voice heard at the parade.

Plan for hot weather, we will have water to distribute but remember sunblock, hats etc

We will meet at 9:30 at the corner of Adams and Cuyler in Oak Park ( https://goo.gl/maps/ZzM655MhpUE2 ) – there will be lots of people, just find Holly, Verónica and I – we will be the ones with the banners. Bring your banners and protest signs “Migration is a human right.” We also need two people to carry the Terrain banner.

Can you all bring friends?

We will have cars waiting for us at the end of the parade so we can drive back to 1155 Lyman Ave and prepare for the bar b que. We were just planning hotdogs, some vegetarian hot dogs, potato salad and the like. Lots of watermelon and Le Croix! oh and beers.

Watch video from Cauleen Smith’s Terrain 2016 parade “Conduct Your Blooming” by Mario Contreras https://vimeo.com/197444140?ref=fb-share&1

From all of us at Terrain,

Thank you!

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