Jul 21st 2018

NIGHT LIGHT is an evening of sound performances and dancing curated by Her Environment. We are raising money for our series for our future events/exhibitions, and in order to better support our artists both financially and by providing a bigger and better platform for new media artists from all parts of the world.

Her Environment is an expanded new media art series highlighting poc, queer, non-binary, trans & woman artists. Our focus is on broadening the understanding of how New Media practices can be used in multiple forms of art making, from video to installation and performance. Our aim is to show pieces that challenge how new media can be used, and the male dominated culture that surrounds it.

♥♥Performances begin at 7:30 p.m.♥♥

Morher (Seattle, WA)
A.J. McClenon (Chicago, IL)
H1BA (Chicago, IL / Texas)

CDVR (Chicago, IL)
Millia Rage (Chicago, IL)

♡ Morher / Ambrosia Bardos is a performer, visual artist and videographer based in Seattle and Chicago. Their work is informed by diasporic Rroma and indigenous Quileute ancestry, in dialogue with Queer genealogies, and in process with experiences of crisis and catharsis as a survival sex worker and survivor of pre-verbal trauma. Their pieces are grounded in liminality, improvisation and invocation.

♡ Originally from Washington D.C, A.J. McClenon grew up in “D.C. proper,” Baltimore and New York during the administrations of Reagan, Clinton, and Bush. A.J.’s work sets personal narratives alongside empirical data, leveling the hierarchies of truth. A.J. holds a Masters in Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a Bachelor of Arts with a minor in creative writing from the University of Maryland College Park. A.J. has also studied at Eugene Lang College. A.J. has performed and shown work throughout the US, at institutions including Steppenwolf, The Promontory, Woman Made Gallery, Echo Park Film Center, Chicago Filmmakers, Fine Art Complex 1101, and Longwood Arts Center. A.J. is currently a co-organizer of Beauty Breaks, an intergenerational beauty and wellness workshop series for black people along the spectrum of femininity. A.J. is also a co-founder of F4F, a domestic venue that cultivates a femme community, centers blackness, and expands upon understandings of what domestic space can be.

♡ H1BA is electric. Her currents run through the underwater fiber optics cables, to your speakers and bounce off of outer space satellite signals. She is amorphous, circulating and ruminating like the beat of a drum. H1BA is from a fluid culture where we shimmer, glitter and sparkle.
Keep posted with her upcoming performances and music on Instagram @h1ba_official.

♡ CDVR (Kay Slater) is a writer and DJ based in Chicago, IL. Their work instigates a queer transmission of affect and complacency through a reconstructive investigation of emotional and physical intimacy, as performed through deejaying, audio production, and essay writing. https://soundcloud.com/CDVR000

♡ MILLIA RAGE is a Producer/DJ with releases on Sweat Equity, Palettes, and more.

♡♡ Visuals♡♡
Paula Pinho Martins Nacif
Christen Shea

♥ Advanced Tickets: $7.00 ♥ purchase at:
♥ $10 at the door ♥
♥$ Drinks available via Her Environment ♥

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