Jul 14th 2018

This Workshop Will Be Led By James Connolly.

This workshop uses the VGA video signal as a platform to make DIY analog audio/video synthesizers for cathode ray tube and projection-based outputs. Participants will hack video cables to bend audio into video, enabling the real-time creation of visuals through any audio file or digitally composed signal. The workshop will incorporate experimental video art histories, theories of re-appropriating technological e­-waste for artistic purposes, and discovering new and alternative aesthetic purposes for obsolete devices. The artist/instructor’s projects Cracked Ray Tube and RGB.VGA.VOLT will be discussed and demoed.

James Connolly is a video, sound and new media artist, instrument builder, curator and educator. His videos and real-time performances undermine the interfaces and break through the algorithms of digital and analog systems, examining hidden power structures and liberating latent aesthetic materialities. He teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is the Assistant Curator of the Roger Brown Study Collection.

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