Jun 8th 2018

OTV | Open Television is a platform for intersectional pilots and series, supporting Chicago artists in producing and exhibiting independent work! OTV centers “artists that commercial television networks and art institutions do not develop consistently: artists who identify with multiple identities marginalized by the market and society. OTV experiments with alternative ways to develop, produce, and exhibit art and television. Our programs center artistic expression, intersectionality, Chicago, and digital networking.” The platform has partnered with City of Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art and is behind the popular shows, Brown Girls & Brujos!

In partnership with Black Cinema House, we will be screening an array of works from local creatives including shorts and episodes from ongoing web-series’.

By Arnetta Randall
– Black queers date and fall in lust.

By Aymar Jean Christian, Saya Naomi, Erik Wallace, Elijah McKinnon, Meida McNeal, Abra Johnson, Phillip Lambert, Roger Fierro, Ashley Ray-Harris, Jordy Marilyn, Niki Madison, and Felicia Holman
– Residents of an artsy black & brown co-op tell their wildest stories as they get a new hairdo.

By Alexa Grae, Jon Wes, and Matthew Ozawa
– A operatic soliloquy to the night, reflecting on love, loss, and identity, presented through the lens of otherness – queer identity, race, familial dynamics, gender, and access into classical art forms.

By Diana Quinones Rivera
– This documentary series follows choreographer Darling Shear and her group of dancers as they explore their personal understandings of identity, expression, movement, and collaboration.

* The event is free, no RSVP required! *

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