Jun 23rd 2018

We just a couple cunts tryna archive; we celebrate trans queer artists in the hip-hop diaspora and document/record these moments and movements to combat ongoing erasure and plagiarism. No one else can hold us like us so, we do this to ensure these legacies and legends are remembered. This workshop will explore: What is needed to tear down barriers to sharing & preserving our lives? How do we document in ways that center our pleasure & joy? How do we explore the depths of our stories?

Bring a piece of your knowledge of what’s cunt to share as we continue collecting a living resource and archive of hip-hop culture.

Facilitated by Darien Wendell and Bonita Africana, creators of A Tribe Called Cxnt, a hip-hop squad hosting a platform for hip hop on the edge, focusing on queer, trans, & gender expansive culture makers of color.

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