Jun 30th 2018


@ Black Oak Tattoo

3419 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Opening Saturday, June 30th, from 7PM - 9PM

On view through Saturday, June 30th

“When the truth is a lie, reality is an illusion.
but you can’t white out the world so easily,
the nothing left is an emptiness so full it can kill you…”

HVNTER GVTHERER announces the debut of the IRON AGE collection with an experiential fashion/lifestyle show and live performance. In one night only, the darkest of dreams will pierce our illusion of reality. More nightmare than nirvana, the sensory experience that awaits aims to connect the conscious and the subconscious, the past and the present, the primal and the civilized.

Postdating the BRONZE AGE, the IRON AGE explores systems of power, our relationship with raw materials and the effects of late capitalism. Inspired by a misplaced dream, current events and personal narrative, the designer offers a collection that asks more questions than it can answer.

The debut will be held June 30th, at Black Oak Tattoo, Chicago, IL. The evening kicks off at 7pm and will feature models, performers, and a Dj.

The Iron Age fashion show will showcase a collection of handmade, conceptual garments in a monochromatic dark, moody palette with pops of contrasting elements that satiate the senses through texture, shape, and sound. The quiet murmur of linen panels brushing against the body, moments of flesh revealed through black silk organza, unusual and asymmetrical cuts are designed to suit a wide variety of body types.

For event tickets and more information visit https://tinyurl.com/hvgviroage

HVNTER GVTHERER at it’s core is the conceptual work and artistic practice of Laura Prieto-Velasco, masquerading as a brand. HVNTER GVTHERER offers contemporary accessories and objects for the home crafted from precious and non-precious materials repurposed and sourced from manufacturing scrap whenever possible. Ranging from staples to statement pieces in a varied palette of rich blacks, weathered hues and burned metallics, HVNTER GVTHERER’s line is diverse in form and designed to complement a variety of tastes and lifestyles. The handcrafted process leaves a landscape of unique imperfections on the surface of each piece that change subtly over time and reveal a distinctive, inner beauty.

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