Jun 5th 2018

A mini-retrospective, of sorts, of my photo-based work over the past 15 years.

Artist Statement
My major motivation to create images is purely hedonistic: I want to elicit in myself the same feelings of awe and wonder and exaltation that I get from seeing the work of other artists. Fortunately, the fact that I rarely achieve this goal has so far not deterred me from continuing to try.

I care little about the manifest subject matter of my images; I’m attracted to anything with dramatic light and shadow, unusual textures, forms and patterns. I enjoy taking images to the brink of abstraction. Mostly, I just like to work with an image until a little voice in my head says to stop.

Larry Chait is a Chicago-based photographer who has been pursuing his artistic vision fulltime since 2002. He studied photography at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, and Columbia College, Chicago. His work has been included in the Museum of Contemporary Photography, and the Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis. He has exhibited widely throughout the country and internationally in more than 90 solo and group exhibitions.

Meet Larry in person at his Art Gallery Exhibit on June 5, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. in Village Hall.

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