Jun 15th 2018

live sample-based electronics and interactive performance

Composer/Performers Ahmed Saleh and Ryan Ingebritsen met in Cairo in 2017 during a residency where they were commissioned together by the US Embassy in Cairo to create a collaborative sound score for Erica Mott Productions latest Technopera Mycelial. In exploring source materials, being mostly recordings, samples, and sound bites taken from the internet that are associated with the 2011 Egyptian uprising, the two began to develop a unique musical language and ethos for the project based on extensive conversations and listenings. They also found that they really liked making music together as they recorded short improvisations to occupy different parts of the elaborate sound score they were creating. These improvisations are a fusion of sampled and found sound, abstracted electronic noise, and electronic beats and pulses as influenced by Sufi ritual as by modern Electro-Chabi and dance music. They will perform an improvised landscape live inspired by random visual samplings from “The dictionary of the revolution“, an interactive memory archive app created by Amira Hanafi.

Composer/Performer Jenna Lyle‘s solo set examines instruments as amplifiers, turning sound-generating bodies into speakerboxes and microphones through the use of her own voice and other implements. A wandering text wanders itself through a stationary and playerless chamber ensemble, toying with the function of the instrument/body as both a producer of and a vessel for sound.

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