May 11th 2018

As much as there is strength in pushing back and fighting against, I want to see artists making work in the context of what they are WITH and what they are FOR–that to me is a more hopeful/ community centered/ revolution based/ desire based art. The word utopia is intangible and is often associated with naivety. So instead we think in terms of desire. I want to hear/ see/ feel what you want. The communication of that want marks a kind of freedom–a space to create that isn’t focused solely on what we need or what we lack (though want does often imply lack) as well as an opening up. We tell our desires like we tell secrets. Maybe we feel selfish or embarrassed, maybe we’ve been told what we want is wrong or too much or unearned. But the experience of wanting is communal and desire is by its nature linked to excess and ephemerality. These don’t have to be negatives. Thinking beyond a confession of desire, I want to hear/ see/ feel what the atmosphere of want is. Is it silky? Is it vaporous? Is it saturated? Is it quiet? Is it immersive?

This exhibition is positioned within art and historical movements – political revolutions of the 1960s – transformative movements rooted within challenging notions of refuted and refined categorizations of gender, race, class, abilities, culture, ideas and mediums of desire/want. This iteration of works investigate the power of the abject, investigations into cinema verité, performative transgressions, sculptural writing, performance for video, transdisciplinary practices, immersive installations, a meditation of mediums.

With work by: Jeremy Biles, Jaclyn Silverman, Madison Davidson, Jose Carlos Pena,  Wayne Lee Tate,  Claire Hu,  Xitlalli Sixta-Tarin Sanchez , Don Rodney Washington,  Kayla Nicole Cook,  Phaedra Elaine Beauchamp,Sophia Guadalupe Padgett Perez,Ty Springer,  Xuanchen Li, Jessica Lund, Claire Barnes

Curated by Curators: Oli Rodriguez and Claire Barnes

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