May 25th 2018

Firecat Projects welcomes an exhibition of Vito Desalvo’s colored pencil drawings. It will open on May 25th and run through June18th. Mr. Desalvo will be presenting work from various stages of his career under the title, ’back and forth’.

‘There are some new pieces but then I threw some old favorites in the mix. They meant something to folks close to me before but I’m done with them now. I still like the drawings but you have to learn when to wash up and change your clothes some time.’

His early work is full of notes that a fevered brain can’t seem to find a way to ease the pain. Newer works seem to attempt resolving inter personal issues. Thankfully the color and drawing skills are consistent and are of interest. ‘My newer work loses reference to identifiable backgrounds. Folks kept talking about that stuff rather then the subject of the work.’
Please do come join me at the opening.

Hopefully Mr. Desalvo will find a way to be there and say something pleasant.

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